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Dear Friends of Youth Baseball and Softball,

The 2019 youth baseball and softball season is just around the corner and your support is needed more than ever.

The Board of Directors strongly believe in offering our boys and girls a high quality program, to teach them sportsmanship, team work and basic skill sets all at an affordable cost to the parents/guardians.

Fundraisers and tournaments are run each year to help defer some of the costs, our sponsor’s donations are the key to making the upcoming season a successful program for your youths.

Each year brings a new set of challenges for the board. Along with the field renovations, we have the yearly requirements including; insurance, uniforms, equipment and so many more items. Only with your support can we meet these financial obligations.

There are many opportunities for you to be a sponsor. Below is a list of specific sponsorships that will be recognized throughout the entire season.

The deadline for submitting your sponsorship is March 26, 2019.

Please download the sponsorship form here

THYBS Board of Directors